Chinese censors have cut up to six minutes worth of material from Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant,” including a kiss between two men (or at least two of the same man). Though the movie has been out for a few weeks in the U.S., it was released in China on Friday, about six minutes shorter due to Beijing censors cutting material apparently deemed offensive.

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While censorship is a common practice for R-rated movies playing in China, typically it’s violence in action movies that gets the chop. (“Logan” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” were heavily cut this year.) Although a few gory alien scenes are missing from “Alien: Covenant,” there was something else amiss:

[Editor’s Note: Spoilers ahead for "Alien: Covenant.”]

The gay kiss between Michael Fassbender and his doppelganger was one of the major casualties. In the latest addition to Scott’s “Alien” franchise, Fassbender plays identical cyborgs who share a surprising and playful romance — briefly, at least.

During an erotically charged flute lesson, one whispers in the other’s ear, “I’ll do the fingering.” After an intense moment between cyborgs who …read more

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