Alan Thicke‘s widow is alleging that her late husband’s sons are attempting to “bully” her with the recent petition they filed against her.

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE on Friday via her attorney, Tanya Callau is claiming that the Growing Pains actor’s sons — Brennan Thicke and chart-topping singer, Robin Thicke — previously propositioned her about turning Alan’s Carpinteria, California, ranch into a marijuana plantation, and filed Tuesday’s petition against her out of retaliation when she declined.

“Since Alan died, his sons have been haranguing her to let them turn America’s dad’s homestead into a massive pot plantation,” Callau’s attorney, Adam F. Streisand, writes in a statement to PEOPLE. “When she said no, they filed this bogus lawsuit and smeared her in the tabloids.”

The statement concludes: “They’re just trying to bully a woman whose only crime is loving their father with everything she had for 17 years.”

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According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE and filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Brennan and Robin claim in the petition that Callau is now alleging that the prenuptial agreement she signed ahead of marrying Alan in 2005 is invalid.

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