Legendary singer Prince died as the only one who knew the the combination to what he called “the Vault” — his private archive that was said to include thousands of unreleased recordings.

While the room was drilled open by the institution Prince trusted with his finances just a week after his sudden death, it turns out the late artist’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia might have some insight into the combination.

Though the two divorced in 2000 after four years of marriage, the 43-year-old says Prince used her bust, waist, and hips measurements as his combo while they were together.

“It’s so cute because the Vault’s were my measurements,” Garcia told HLN Primetime Justice host Ashleigh Banfield in an interview airing Friday. “Isn’t that crazy? It was my measurements.”

As for what was inside the archive, Garcia didn’t reveal a lot of specifics — but did say that she had seen inside while they were together.

“The vault has a lot of masterpieces in there,” she said. “He shared with me a lot. I went in there and he had a little playback thing, and sometimes we’d take it up and listen to it.”

“There’s a lot of bootlegs out there. And …read more

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