Double the baby joy? Double the caffeine!

Monaco’s Prince Albert is sharing his best advice for raising twins with George Clooney, who is expecting twins with wife Amal Clooney.

“Strong coffee and easy reading,” the royal dad of two tells PEOPLE.

“George should pour himself a good cup of coffee each morning,” says the prince, whose royal twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques are in the middle of their “terrible twos.”

“I know that sounds pretty standard but it’s really, really important,” he says.

And before Clooney’s twins arrive, Albert recommends the actor familiarize himself with his new role by reading up.

“There’s actually a very good little book on being the father of twins,” he says.

A Dad’s Guide to Twins, by Joe Rawlinson “was really helpful,” he says. “It has some sound advice and is pretty easy to read.”

His own copy remains extremely well-thumbed, he admits.

And George better get “some sleep stored away before the babies are born,” Albert says with a smile.

“Fortunately for Charlene and for me, that was never really an issue,” he admits. “Gabriella and Jacques were relatively good sleepers from the start. Of course, there …read more


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