Congratulations to the happy couple!

Angie Hamouie, a 27-year-old from Houston Texas, will receive her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in June — and she’s decided to celebrate the occasion with a unique “graduwedding” party combining elements of, you guessed it, a wedding and a graduation.

“Imagine a graduation party that’s as EXTRA as a wedding,” Hamouie writes on her Knot page. “That’s a Graduwedding. It’s unlike any graduation party ever. A graduation is a person walking across a stage and accepting a really expensive piece of paper.

“But a ~Graduwedding~ is so much more — It’s the union of two souls, in this case Angie and her Medical Degree (MD).”

Guests (who have been asked to dress “very formal”) can expect speeches, a delicious dinner and a traditional Graduwedding cake. Most importantly, there will be a Snapchat filter to “savor the memories.”

“This was such a big deal for her, because it was the culmination of 3 degrees and 9 years of higher education,” Hamouie’s Knot page reads. “Her match represented everything she had worked toward. Angie realized this graduation would only happen once in her life. She wondered, why is it that no one really …read more


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