There are few things I love in this world quite as much as chocolate. Around Easter time, my chocolate fix comes in the form of either bunnies or eggs — and somehow, it tastes even better than when it’s in a basic candy bar. Sure, it’s totally psychological, but what if this theory could be true for all of life’s best eats? Could formulating your favorite comfort food into a cutesy egg packaging actually make it even more appealing? While I haven’t put any other food to the taste test just yet, I’m definitely excited by the prospect of applying this theory. And thanks to food blogger Annem Hobson, I now can.

Hobson’s latest creation? An Easter egg made entirely out of cheese.

Behold: the Cheester Egg. This new culinary creation — which, according to Mashable, was created in collaboration with independent artisan cheese company Wildes Cheese from a “specially devised, unique recipe” — is the perfect gift for those who always wanted their dairy in a more festive package. Here, the Cheester egg is based on Wildes Cheese’s Napier cheese. It sounds pretty damn delicious: As reported by Mashable, your Cheester egg consists of a “crumbly, hard …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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